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The NCBA began in December of 1981 when local businessmen Frank Scappatura and Dan Berlin called a meeting of their neighbors to discuss what they could do about a burgeoning property crime rate, chronic trash fires, grafitti and overburdened parking areas. They incorporated a not-for-profit organization originally called the New Cassel Industrial Association to attack the crime problem and other “quality of life” issues affecting the entire community. They designated the area inside the perimeter created by Old Country Rd, the LIRR right-of-way, Wantagh Parkway and Grand Boulevard. those boundaries were changed in 2010 to include all of New Cassel.


By the end of 1982 the corporation had 130 members, a private security patrol and was beginning to have an impact on the crime rate and other problems. They continued to grow in size and effectiveness until about 1989 when many believed all problems were solved and both interest and participation waned.


After a period of inactivity during which some of the gains made by the group began to fade away, it was reactivated early in 1994 and renamed the New Cassel Business Association. Members believed that changes in the community made “business” a more descriptive name than “industrial”.


Today the NCBA works to keep our community safe. We built and donated a neighborhood police booth to the County of Nassau. We have represented our members at zoning board hearings in opposition to changes that would adversely affect the community and in support of community enhancing projects.


Over the years the community has changed dramatically and the present membership represents about half of all the companies doing business and a majority of the property owners. We continue to be not-for-profit and to depend primarily on members to face the issues and do the work. If your business is in our area and you are not a member we urge you to join the NCBA. We work for the entire community and we depend on the entire community.






The NCBA is an association of businesses operating in a commercial zone located in the heart of Nassau County. Our mission is to work for the common good of all of its members


The following are some of the NCBA’s accomplishments:

  • Improved Street Lighting
  • Reduction of crime against property
  • Raised funds and constructed a Police booth
  • Maintain an ongoing liaison with police on parking, crime, dumping and traffic problems.


  • Maintain clean streets
  • Increase NCBA membership
  • Bring new business to the area
  • Seek tax relief from the Town of North Hempstead
  • Promote commerce between members
  • Seek more equitable zoning
  • Provide links to members web sites from our on line directory,



Board of Directors



Jeffrey Wilks



Vice President

Mark Kaufman

Don Reisfeld



Audie Kranz




Past Presidents

1982-1983  Frank Scappatura

1984-1987  Andrew Levy

1988-1988  Sydney Tilden

1989-1993  Andrew Levy

1994-1995  Herb Haft

1996-2004  Mark Kaufman

2005-2010  Anthony Chiofalo

2011-2016  Paula Scappatura

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